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Delali Dzirasa
Delali Dzirasa CEO of @fearlessbmore, husband, father. Play to win.

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Delali Dzirasa is the founder and CEO of Fearless (, a full stack digital services firm in Baltimore, Maryland with a mission to create software with a soul - tools that empower communities and make a difference. Fearless delivers sleek, modern, and user-friendly software designed to push the boundaries of possibility, to create a world where good software powers the things that matter.

There are plenty of brown cow software shops around. We are a purple cow that stands apart from the herd by being surprisingly different through the work we do.

  • Monitory Business of the Year Maryland
  • Incubator Company of the Year
  • Smart CEO Award
  • Downtown Baltimore Award
  • Top MD Govt Contractor
  • BBJ 40 under 40
  • BBJ top 100 Young execs Nationally
  • Civil Rights Award
  • Tech 10 Awards
  • Best Place to Work, Multiple times
  • Baltimore Largest Software Developer
  • Baltimore #5 Largest Minority Owned Business
  • Dev/Design Firm of the Year
  • HUBZone National Corporate
  • Citizen of the Year
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We care deeply about Baltimore, and we want our city to be the best it can possibly be. That’s why we’re so committed to building up Baltimore’s entrepreneurial digital services community. Together, we can build up our community.

Growing civic tech companies. Start the year with an idea, end the year with revenue. Hutch will help you go from 0 to 60 in twelve months

Hutch is an intensive 12-month program that gives entrepreneurs a blueprint for building successful digital service firms, by empowering them with the tools, mentorship, and peer support they need to have a lasting impact. We think of this program kind of like a home-base for our entrepreneurs, giving them a foundation of support so they can grow without getting lost amongst bigger companies in the industry.

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In 2015 Delali was a speaker at DevOpsDays DC and loved the experience and wanted to get them to bring the conference to Baltimore. As a volunteer led international conference they pushed him to start the conference in Baltimore. With am amazing team he launched and co-chaired the conference for the 2 years.

DevOpsDays is a unique conference for anyone interested in building or operating a high-velocity, software-driven business or agency. The program includes keynote talks, Ignite talks, and participant-organized open space discussions on the topics most important to the attendees.

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2018 Delali served on the 5 person Steering Committee that launched the Digital Services Coalition (DSC).

DSC is a non-profit organization consisting of a select few companies driven to accelerate government's digital transformation. These companies embody the mindset, behavior, and culture that the government needs from the contractor community in today's digital world. Each member company has been pre-vetted by their peers against a set of standards for digital delivery excellence based on the U.S. Digital Services Playbook.

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Delali is the Founder and Co-Chair of Hack Baltimore.

Hack Baltimore is a large-scale, City-wide initiative that taps into Charm City’s flourishing diversity and creativity to innovate around the toughest civic problems by using technology to solve real-world problems.

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Hutch Portfolio

Portfolio IoCyber

Angelo Crawford built ioCyber to improve the cyber community as a whole, through developing efficient processes and procedures, to contributing to communities of practice in cyber. The company's long-term community impact is to expose STEM to minorities who might not have the opportunity in inner cities.

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Portfolio Ey3 Technologies

Led by Summer Bazemore and Terry Bazemore Jr., the company provides technical assistance in systems engineering and cybersecurity services. Ey3 builds innovative and intelligent solutions delivered with integrity. They believe that while talent opens the door, character is what sustains them.

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Portfolio Lucky Rabbit

Founded by Shaun Edens, Lucky Rabbit delivers simplistically designed innovations that provide quantum improvements using technology and data to improve people’s quality of life, influence economic growth and development, and reduce technology gaps.

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Portfolio BACF

Bashirat Are founded BACF after seeing the need that organizations have when it comes to human resource management systems. BACF serves as an intermediary between people and technology.

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Portfolio INSHIFT

Shanda Wilson built the technology consulting firm, which specializes in software development, data science and DevOps support to government agencies. INSHIFT believes that promoting continuous learning, developing innovative technical solutions, exercising integrity, and civic mindfulness will empower positive changes in our communities, our country, and our world.

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Aaron Brooks created the company focused on community engagement, cultivating skills and working with companies. MASTERMND is a technical talent pipeline company aimed at filling the widening technical skills gap by attacking it from every angle.

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Portfolio Saber Technology Solutions

Claudia DeCarlo leads the firm to help companies turn data to knowledge to action (and back again). Saber builds custom software solutions that drive data-informed decision making, combining data, next generation technology, and customer in-house expertise.

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Portfolio UpLight

Koffi Harrison founded the project and program management firm to power successful delivery. UpLight believes every idea, every initiative, every project deserves consistent and quality service built upon understanding and integrity to be great.

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Portfolio Xcell Designs

Felix Gilbert leads the digital agency, which creates platforms for government and nonprofits. XCell bridges the gap between design and engineering, believing in digital media’s power to transform the world.

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Portfolio Capital eXperience Group

Founder Tonja Peña built the company to identify the intangibles that make or break human experiences, resulting in technology, processes and employees collaborating as enablers of the organization and brand experience.

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Portfolio Theta

Emmanuel Iroanya leads this growing full-service digital and management firm, with a mission to create a world where solutions are curated from the voices of many and not just a few.

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Portfolio Haplet

Founder Senthil Ranganathan and his team deliver modern, scalable and user-friendly high-quality enterprise solutions to serve federal and state government agencies, while empowering commercial and financial sectors.

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Portfolio Systone Iterations

The full-stack digital services provider founded by Stephen Ibitoye goes beyond technology to transform outdated cultures, implement data-driven decisions and support their customers’ solutions and environment.

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